Iv always loved walking, but during the first lockdown the beach felt so weird,
there was no activity on the water and everything seemed strange.
Iv lived near the sea since I was 11 and has always been an important part of my life.
So here I am reminiscing.

2020. Oh What a year! Full of change and full of fear.
Im back in springtime when lockdown began, clear blue skies and bright yellow sun.

I begin my walk at Seagrove, best beach of all. Summers with the Kids sitting on the wall.
Splashing in the sea, castles on the shore, Ice creams from the café, with sand on wooden floor.

I amble round to Priory, so timeless, so natural, I think of the day we caught and cooked mackerel.
We’d water ski here back in the day. Boats of all sizes would fill up the bay.

Bembridge harbour entrance across from the Duver is usually bustling, now just me and no other.
No boats, no people, a beautiful sight, so peaceful and still. A pure delight!

The harbour road is quiet. To Silversands I stroll, the beach is deserted, no campers, no soul.
I reminisce of beach fires and drinking too soon. Skinny dipping late by the light of the moon.

I head towards Swains, shadowed by trees, and dead trunks whitewashed, succumbed by the sea.
The barbers pole. Whats that for, please tell, A shave perhaps with a razor fish shell.

Lane End….with the café gone, Il say no more! The Lifeboat station has closed its door.
No lives to save, no craft to tow, no regatta days, displays or shows.

As I head round to Forelands Iv lost 40 years, how time has flown with laughter and tears.
Im 12 again! Making dens, having a joke, looking for shells and fag butts to smoke.

What a lovely walk, with time to reminisce. The beaches around us are utterly bliss.
Iv been painting lockdown for years on my easel. A premonition! Or maybe its just that I cant paint people.