It was strange time during the first lockdown.
Its funny how you adapt and get used to a situation.
I feel much better now than when I wrote this.
I just hope they dont shut the schools again!

Here I am in lockdown, were nearly six weeks in.
I thought that I was doing fine but its kicked me in the shin.

Oh it wont bother me, I said. Im strong in mind and health,
Iv never had much money, so it wont affect my wealth.

But damn! I woke this morning feeling pretty low,
I may be a bit of a loner, but I was always on the go.

I didn’t socialise that much, Iv friends but they are few,
Its just that, before Coronavirus, I didn’t feel so blue.

A ten year old I have at home. On the whole shes very good,
But when it comes to homework, she gets a little mood.

Id planned on three hours daily, so she don’t get dumb and daft,
But TikToks taken over and now we’re down to half.

That’s half an hour, not half of three, and Im very bad at maths,
If I was a teacher, id surely get the sack.

Thank God for Wicksy in the morning, to kickstart another day,
His normalness is so…….normal! In a most refreshing way.

While Im sweating buckets and squatting on the floor,
I look to find my daughter has sneaked out of the door.

My arty stuffs still selling, so of that I cannot moan,
But while Im busy working, shes busy on her phone.

I miss the weekly whirlwind of having family round for tea,
Curry cooking, cheerful chats and grandkids full of glee.

I aint nobody’s hero, I just aint that kinda girl,
But heres to all the working class, the heroes of the world.

We’ve got a rainbow in the window, to show you that we care,
Iv got no reason to be down, while you are all out there.

So things aint really all that bad for us lot ‘ere indoors.
Lets face it, now theres no excuse to get on with those chores.

But when Coronavirus has vanished from this earth,
Im getting myself out there to live for all its worth.