The first fort walk I ever did was in the mid 80's.
There wasnt many of us, I was totally unprepared and got very wet jeans,
We then ended up having fish and chips on a friends houseboat.

The photo was taken during lockdown in April or May.
I didnt walk out to the fort but it was a beautiful evening and perfectly still.
Until a bloody drone came buzzing over and completely ruined the atmosphere.

There’s talk around the village
About the state of the tide
Make a note in your diary
The fort walk is nigh

So we’ll meet down the point
On Silversands beach
Bring your kids and your dogs
And old shoes for your feet

Cause when the tide ebbs away
To reveal the shingle path
Is when hundreds of locals
Go completely daft

There’ll be a trail of all sorts
About a mile long
In shorts, sock and sandals
Yep! Its really full on

Some leave it too late
And head out last
Its a race against time
If the tide comes in fast

So whats the point of that
You ask with a frown
Well, to touch the fort and get back
Before you drown

Oh, and there’s the beach party after
The biggest ever
Family’s building fires
Whatever the weather

Out come the burgers
The beer and the wine
The beach fills with smoke
And we have a good time

We call it the Fort Walk
May seem crazy to you
But its been going for years
Its what Bembridge Folk do