I wrote this when I moved back to the Island in 2018.
It was so nice to be home, I missed the buzz of Bembridge life during the summer.

Oh how I love our DFL’s, they bring money and good cheer
They come to Bembridge when its hot, just once or twice a year
Mum pops to the Chandlery for a stripy top and wellies
Dad pops to BMS for a brand new pair of ski’s

Little Johnny has his eye on some cool kitesurfing lessons
Jemima has her mind on some serious sunbathing sessions
In need of more supplies they hop into their tank,
‘Ooo look Mummy, theres a space right outside the bank’


Mummy gets some lobster while daddy looks at houses
Dreaming of an island life of shorts instead of trousers
Dad sneaks into the inn, Mums fed up of waiting
So she nips into the gallery and comes out with a painting

They do the village rounds, of grocers, butchers, bakers
Then off they pop into the shop for a bottle of red and crackers
While queuing in the Co Op, they hear an awful fuss
Stuck right on the corner is a double decker bus

Shopping done, supplies in hand, they head back to the car
Suprisingly as they drive away the traffic jams no more
We hope you’ve all had fun, please come again next year
We really need you DFL’s, so please don’t disappear

Now the nights are drawing in, the kids are back at school
All is quiet and and all is still ….
Except for that bloody bus stuck on the corner, causing a jam upon the hill.